Wednesday, July 7, 2010

House for Sale

Wow - major excitement - we are officially listing the house FOR SALE as of today! So far it's only listed on one site, but that makes it more real in my mind...and forces to me to barge ahead with getting it ready to show!

We truly do love the house. It's beautiful, historic, full of charming antique detail, and it has the best backyard for entertaining. But with Rob living and working in DC for at least the next two years, it's way too much work for me to take care of by myself - especially considering that I'm spending about 75% of my weekends in DC also.

So, alas, it's time to see if we can sell it. It's a daunting prospect given the current market, but I'm hoping that the unique historic character of the house will make it appealing to someone looking for an alternative to a standard new construction.

I'm still updating the listing and adding more photos, but here is a link: And if you know of anyone in the market for a gorgeous Victorian home, send them our way!