Sunday, August 5, 2007

Rob's Deployment Begins

Rob left on Wednesday, August 1, for a 6-month deployment with the Navy. Even though we've known this was coming for over a year, it still managed to sneak up on us. Perhaps we were in denial; if we ignored this eminent fate and did nothing to prepare for it, maybe it would never come to fruition. Alas, the Navy is annoyingly precise about these things. In the last month we had to scramble to do all the things that we wanted to get done before he left. We finished re-doing the downstairs bathroom and other little projects around the house. We bought a new car. We took a trip to Vegas. But there was so much more to do and just not enough time.

Due to the time difference, I get maybe one email a day from him; two emails on a lucky day. He's so busy and sleep-deprived that I know he hasn't had time to write to many other people. So I thought that perhaps a blog would be the best way to keep the rest of the family up to date on what's going on with him (and me, too...I know I'm not the greatest at keeping in touch!)

Be sure to send him emails, even if he doesn't write back much! I know he enjoys any communication he gets!

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