Saturday, May 10, 2008

Break-in at the house

As you've probably heard, our house was broken into on March 31. It happened in the middle of the day while we were both at work. I had even come home at lunch, so it happened some time between about 1:00 and 5:00. We're not sure how they got in, but appears that maybe they were able to jimmy open the backdoor. The anoying thing is that we DO have an alarm system, but didn't have it turned on that day. You can believe that we use it ALL the time now!

Anyway, the burglars took pretty much all our electronics and jewelry, plus some other random smaller things. They also completely trashed the house as they pulled out everything from drawers and cabinets as they looked for hidden goodies. It was pretty shocking and upsetting to come home to. Most of the things taken can be replaced, but some things had strong sentimental value - like Rob's VMI class ring and my engagement and wedding rings!

The police were here for several hours investigating, but since then we haven't heard from them at all. We even had a witness (someone who had been working on a neighbor's house) who was able to give a pretty good description of the suspects and the vehicle used, but I don't think the police followed up on it all. It's pretty frustrating, but I guess burglaries just are not the top priority of the Portsmouth police department.

Part of the mess the thieves created while ransacking the bedroom. You can see where the TV used to be...

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