Saturday, March 14, 2009


So once again I have disappeared from the blog world. And once again I am determined to get back into the swing of things. I think my lack of dedication over the last 9 months or so can be attributed to a new addiction - Facebook. Apparently I can only handle one social networking compulsion at a time. After fighting the Facebook craze as long as I could, I succumbed. I devoted far too many hours to forming my profile, loading pictures, trying to think of clever status updates, and reconnecting with people whom I hadn't thought of in years (in some cases, almost 20 years). And once I was finally fully immersed, I came to the crushing realization that Facebook isn't actually cool anymore. Apparently Facebook is being overrun by us geezer over-30 types. Now all the kids are on Twitter or other technologically-challenging sites that I really don't understand. (I do ride the Twitter short bus, though. You can find me there as wanderlust5 if you want to help me get over 20 followers. I know - I dream big.)

So I find myself crawling back to the blog world and remembering what the original purpose of this whole thing was - trying to stay in touch with our family and friends who are spread all over the world. Many of you are on Facebook, which is great. You've been kept up to date on momentous occasions like "Rebecca is cleaning out her sock drawer" and "Rob has duty tomorrow. Yuck." Unfortunately, though, Facebook doesn't really allow for a deeper exploration of some of the truly life-altering events we've experienced in recent months. Like the commissioning of the US Navy's newest aircraft carrier (the George HW Bush, upon which Rob is currently stationed), or the inauguration of President Obama. In that 10-day period, we saw every living president of the United States (some of them twice!). Maybe I'll try to retro-blog some thoughts about those events. And I shall try to be better in the future about keeping up with this, and realizing that I don't have to write a novel every time - just a few sentences will suffice!

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