Thursday, September 6, 2007

Another Connection to Jordan

I didn't hear much from Rob today; I think it's probably been a boring but busy for them as they get underway again.

I have interesting news relating to my job, however. It looks like I will be going to Jordan in November as part of Operation Smile's "World Journey of Smiles." This is Operation Smile's 25th Anniversary, and in November, around the world, on the same day, at the same local time, we will conduct 40 missions in 25 countries, with the hope of treating an estimated 5,000 children with facial deformities. This is an incredibly ambitious goal, as this is equivalent to what we normally do throughout an entire year. I'm especially excited about going to Jordan as I've had a fascination with the country for several years now. I desperately hope that there will be time for a visit to Petra (although Rob's roommate Will, who is still sick from his tour to Petra, would probably advise against it!).

If you're interested in learning more about the World Journey of Smiles, there is information on our website:

Also, if you'd just like to learn more about Operation Smile and see what an impact we can make in a child's life, there is a great 4-minute video highlighting one of the thousands of children we've helped. Go to , then click on the "Thanh's New Day" video. Be sure to have a tissue handy! :-)

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