Saturday, September 8, 2007

New Pictures

Nothing too exciting to report from Rob today. He did mention that since leaving Djibouti they are doing a "no-shave" program. He's participating because of peer pressure, but it's truly driving him nuts. He doesn't think he'll last much longer. The things they do to keep themselves entertained while they're underway...!

He also sent a couple more pics. This one is from their Cyprus port visit. It's the beginning of the evening that ended up with him signing karaoke! The big guy is Bo, aka CHENG (Chief Engineer). I think he's 6'7" and originally from Sweden. The other guy is Rob's roommate Will (a helicopter pilot). Apparently Bo has a video of the karaoke incident, which Rob tried to email me, but it didn't work. Hopefully he tries again...I really want to see it!

The other pic is of the Navy base in Jordan that they pulled into. He had an interesting story to tell about Jordan.

"Found out when I got back from my tour that the King was yachting in the area and stopped briefly by the naval base. No one got to see him but the Jordanians were flipping out about it. We have had some of our guys working around the clock to try and fix one of their ship's AC. They finally got it working today and the general of the base told the king about it when he stopped by and the King sent a gift basket over to the engineers."

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