Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Rob's Recent Port Visits

After leaving Sicily, Rob's ship pulled into Cyprus for a few days. He was able to go out and about a couple times. It sounds like he had quite a bit of fun just getting off the ship for a while and eating something other than ship food! Apparently he was even coerced into performing some karaoke at a local pub one night! I would pay money to see that!

Then last week they pulled into Jordan. It was more of a working port, as they were doing training with the Jordanian Navy, but they did get to partake in some fun. He missed the tour to Petra since he had duty that day, but it sounds like he might be glad that he didn't get to go. About a quarter of the people who went on the tour got miserably ill afterward, including Rob's roommate. He did get to take a tour to Wadi Rum, however, which is a valley cut into the sandstone and granite rock in southwest Jordan. This is one of the pics from his tour.

They also attended a reception hosted by a Jordanian General at a yacht club. Sounds like they enjoyed excellent food, many drinks, and a performance by a bellydancer! I'm glad that he's getting to have SOME fun while he's underway.

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