Monday, June 1, 2009

Is Nothing Ever Easy?

Call it Murphy's Law. Or maybe just Rebecca's luck. Rob left this morning for another two weeks at sea. When I got home this evening, eager to send him an email, the wireless internet wasn't working. Couldn't happen yesterday, when he'd be here to fix it! No, it had to happen today so that it could waste a huge portion of my evening. First I called Cox, thinking it might actuallly be the cable connection itself. After spending a half hour on the phone with them, it was clear that the problem was the router, not the modem. At least, that's what the incredibly polite automated trouble-shooting voice told me. So then I called Belkin, the maker of the router. I got a real person this time...someone who was obviously in India. Definitely NOT as polite as my automated customer service agent from Cox. It was a long painful process, but another half hour later I was finally back online.

I guess it's a sign of our tech-obsessed world that I actually experienced severe anxiety and depression at the thought of not having internet tonight. Life without Facebook? No Twitter? I might as well just go to bed at 7:00 and try to move on with my life in the morning. But now all is right in the world and I have a lot of surfing to make up for. I bid you adieu for now!

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