Saturday, June 6, 2009

Reasons Why I Wish Rob Were Home

  1. Needed to move the heavy coffee table to put down the new rug
  2. Had to go solo to the Operation Smile fundraiser in Va Beach on Thursday night (although hanging out with the girls was fun)
  3. Big scary spider in the bathroom sink
  4. The lawn needs to be mowed
  5. Wanted breakfast in bed this morning
  6. No one to snuggle with at night (snuggling with Black Cat doesn't count)
  7. The wireless internet went out and was a pain to fix
  8. Need someone to prod me to go to the gym
  9. Foot massages
  10. But mostly...I just miss him. I miss having him by my side, holding my hand, listening to me talk, telling me I'm beautiful, laughing at my jokes. Just eight more days...

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