Monday, October 29, 2007

The Roller Coaster Continues! looks like I'll be able to visit Rob after all! Well...maybe...I'll never count on the Navy to follow through with their plans, but it's looking good. I can't say where, but of course it's over in that general region. I'll be leaving on Wednesday. Just booked the ticket today, so of course I had to take what I could get! The routing is horrible, but at least it gets me to Rob! He'll arrive on Friday, and then we'll only be together until Tuesday. That day I'll leave for Morocco and he'll head back out to sea. It will be a short but SWEET visit. If it happens, that is!

In other news, they anchored briefly in Bahrain yesterday and got a mail delivery...always a happy day on the ship! He FINALLY got the box that I sent well over a month ago. I had sent a couple other things since then that he had already received, so I was convinced that this particular box was permanently lost. I was very relieved to find out he finally got it!

Well, I will keep this short as I have a million things to do to get ready to leave on Wednesday. I'll have email access most of the time I'm gone, so send me a note if you have a chance. I'll update the blog if I get a chance. If not, I'll update with lots of stories and pics when I get back! (which is late on the 17th of November!)

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