Sunday, November 11, 2007

OpSmile Mission - Day 3

Another day of screening on Saturday, PLUS the first surgeries happened as well! Only 10 kids were scheduled for surgery on Saturday; the bulk of the surgeries will be next week. I spent a little bit of time in pre-op with the kids scheduled for surgery, but I didn’t want to stick around too long because of my cold (which is moving out of my head into my chest now). Mourad has developed quite an interest in photography…he loves to take my digital camera and take pictures! He was one of the kids in the pre-op room, but he must not have been too nervous…he took pictures of everyone in there! He’s become quite adept at positioning people, then switching it to the “view” mode so that he can show them their pictures when he’s done.

Mourad taking pictures in pre-op

After leaving pre-op, I went back down to Medical Records and spent the rest of the day doing more screening. Sometimes we were totally swamped with new patients, then at other times it would get slow and we would work on prepping new packets and organizing the records we had already done.

Myself and Mourad

Saturday evening we ventured to the Sofitel in M’Diq, which is a fancy resort area about 30 minutes from Tetouan. We had a delicious meal there with the whole team…I swear, I don’t EVER want to eat again! I can barely zip my pants at this point. The days are long, but the experience has been priceless!

My favorite picture so far from the mission!

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