Monday, November 12, 2007

OpSmile Mission - Day 4

Sunday was a day off, but we still went to the hospital in the morning to visit the kids who had surgery on Saturday. Sunday was also the day that the list was posted that told who would get surgery. Many families showed up in person to read the lists, but other families called in to get the results. There were only a couple people who we had to turn down, but we connected them with a specialist in Casablanca who was willing to help them. It made for a very happy day at the hospital

Families read the list of scheduled surgeries.

After the list was posted, the team took off for Chefchouan, a beautiful city in the Rif Mountains. We hiked through the winding alleys around the city, and eventually came to the Medina and all its fabulous arts and crafts stalls! I bought a couple necklaces for myself, a cashmere scarf, and a handwoven cactus silk rug. You have to bargain the prices, of course, which I actually enjoy. I probably would have bought more if we’d had more time, and if I had more room in my suitcase!

Local handicrafts and rugs for sale in the Medina.

Myself and Karen in a beautiful blue alleyway.

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