Thursday, November 22, 2007

OpSmile Mission - Day 8

Thursday turned out to be an interesting day for at least one of our team members! When we left the hotel at 6:30AM, we realized that Paul (one of the Patient Imaging Technicians) wasn't on the bus. We were a bit concerned, but figured he must have caught a ride with one of the Moroccan volunteers that had their car with them. However, when we got to the hospital and couldn't find him, we realized that he must have been left behind back at the hotel. Not only was he left behind, but he was also locked in the room! As I mentioned previously, these weren't exactly state-of-the-art timeshares. They had an old-fashioned key that you had to use to lock the door from both the outside and the inside. There was one key per unit, and of course Paul's roommates had the key and had locked the door behind them when they left! So he was locked in the room, which had no phone. Not that he could have called anyone anyway; since it was a timeshare, there was no lobby or any staff working. He could have yelled for help, I suppose, but there would be no one to hear him.

We debated what to do, but finally I asked the bus driver to take me back to the hotel so I could rescue him from his confinement! However, when we got there he was no where to be found. At this point I was really concerned. We went back to the hospital, and found that he had just arrived. It turns out that he had climbed onto the roof and jumped to the ground, then walked two miles to the Sofitel where they called a cab for him! I tried to convince him to recreate his great escape later, but apparently once was enough!

By Thursday everyone was starting to hit the wall. Most days started at 6:30AM and we didn't leave the hospital until 8:00. Add a late dinner into the plan most days, and we were exhausted by this point. Imagine our excitement when it was announced that we wouldn't start until 7:30 the next morning!

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