Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas on the Ship

Well, it definitely doesn't sound like Christmas on the ship was very exciting! If they did anything special, Rob didn't mention it in any of his emails. Actually, I take that one point he mentioned that they had just announced over the PA that the "holiday 10k run will start at 1030. It only takes 80 laps around the main deck of the ship to make 10k. If that doesn't sound like a bunch of holiday cheer and fun I don't know what does." I think it's safe to say that Rob did not participate in the special holiday run!

They did get a mail delivery on Christmas Eve and he received many of the cards that people sent. Thank you again for thinking of him! They should get another delivery around New Year's, so hopefully any other cards will get to him then. Below is a picture of the helicopter arriving on the ship with all the holiday mail.

I had a hard time sleeping Christmas Eve night, which ended up being a blessing in disguise. I was awake to hear my phone beep with an email at a little after 2:00AM. It was from Rob, and in it he said that he was really pissed at himself because he didn't think he'd have a chance to call on Christmas day due to his watch schedule, my flight times, etc. He hadn't thought about that sooner, otherwise he would have tried calling on Christmas Eve. So I wrote him back and said, "I'm awake!! You can try calling now if you want!" It took a few tries for him to get through, but we finally connected at about 3:00 and talked for over an hour. It was great to talk to him, despite the hour! When it comes time to finally hang up, it's always so hard because you don't know when you'll have a chance to talk again and of course there's still so much to say! But luckily he will be home in a month and then we can talk all the time!

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