Saturday, December 15, 2007

Rob in Dubai

Today was a great day for me...Rob called AND his email started working again! It was great talking to him, but unfortunately the line went dead in the middle of the conversation and he wasn't able to call me back. :-( But I can't complain!

As I mentioned previously, they're in Dubai. He had duty today and wasn't able to leave the ship, but he did get to go out the first two nights they were there. He says Dubai is like Bahrain on steriods! It sounds like a fascinating mix of cultures and ridiculous wealth.

The first night out they went to the Seafarer's Club, which is right outside the port. Apparently Bo (aka CHENG, the Chief Engineering Officer) treated the Engineering Department to a little party at the club, including an open bar for them. the time they left at 9:00 (still early!), his tab was $1546!! I told Rob not to get any ideas about doing something similar for his guys!

Yesterday he and Bo went to the Mall of the Emirates (the one with the indoor ski slope...although they decided not to disappointing). As a sign of how international Dubai is, the mall was decorated for Christmas and even had a group of carolers dressed in Victorian clothing singing Christmas songs...definitely not something you would expect in a Muslim country! We both moaned about how much we wished we were there together, and decided we must take a vacation there sometime.

They're still there for a few more days, so he says he's going to buckle down and actually do some shopping tomorrow! I told him to take some pictures, too, so I can share them here.

Hope everyone is surviving the holiday rush...I know I barely am! :-)

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