Monday, December 17, 2007

Poor Rob!

Remember what I said about how Rob was going to buckle down and do some shopping on their last day in Dubai? Well, he didn't even get to the leave the ship! At about 2:45 yesterday afternoon he was told by a couple of the other officers to hurry up and change because they were getting ready to leave. Rob still had about 30 minutes of work to do, and they wouldn't wait for him! Since they have to have a 'buddy' when they leave the ship, he was totally screwed because there were no other officers left on the ship who weren't on duty. So he couldn't leave the ship; he could just sit there and stew. Now he has nothing to show for their time in Dubai. No pictures, no Christmas gifts for me! Horrors! (I jest!) But I feel horrible for him. They have so little to look forward to when they're on deployment, and getting to go explore Dubai is a great reward for all the long hours at sea. His only consolation (and mine) is that we'll definitely go there sometime TOGETHER...which is better than him going there with a bunch of Navy guys anyway!

They left Dubai today and started some big inspection. I only got one short email from him today, but he said that it's going surprisingly well. It's nice to have something going right for him!

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