Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Homecoming on Friday!

Since it was in the newspaper, I guess I can finally talk about it on here...Rob is coming home on Friday! Yes, only a couple more days! The ship is pulling in Friday morning. Ironically enough, I won't be there to greet him as I am leaving Wednesday morning for a conference in Washington DC. I'll be coming back home Friday evening, so in a funny twist of fate, Rob will be picking ME up at the airport that night. Now before you go wagging your finger at me and telling me what a terrible Navy wife I am for not being on the pier to greet him (believe me, I've gotten that speech a few times already), just know that Rob is perfectly OK with it. He agrees with me...why should I have to sacrifice important commitments in MY career just to go greet him when he comes back from HIS work? His job caused us to be apart for 6 months; heaven forbid that my job delay our reunion by another 6 hours. I figure Rob might even enjoy having a little time to come home, take a nap, take a shower, and get reacquainted with the kitties before picking me up. I guess Rob and I just are not overly sentimental about these things. When he left six months ago, I had to just drop him off and say goodbye. I couldn't stick around to see the ship off because I was leaving on a business trip that day, too. Of course, it helped that I was going to see him in two weeks in Italy!

The conference I'm going to is the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) Non-Profit Conference. Not only are there many valuable sessions to attend and networking to be done, my boss is actually speaking in one of the sessions! She'll be talking about engaging and retaining donors. I don't know if she'll let me attend that session, though; I might make her nervous! :-)

In addition to the all the conference stuff during the day, we have a couple of fabulous dinners to attend at night. Wednesday we'll be going to a very fancy dinner hosted by one of our vendors, and Thursday night we're going to be attending a networking reception at the Canadian embassy followed by another fine dinner. I should have been fasting this week to counteract the horrendous amount of calories that are going to be consumed over the next couple days!

I just want to thank everyone for all their support and consideration over the last six months. Both Rob and I are very appreciative of everything our family and friends have done for us during his deployment. Hopefully the next blog post will be a picture of us together again!

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