Sunday, January 27, 2008

Welcome Home to Rob!

We are both home now, and it is fabulous to be together again! Rob's ship pulled in Friday morning, and he was at the airport Friday night to greet me. We didn't do anything TOO exciting that night, as we were both pretty exhausted. We came home and ordered pizza for dinner, opened our Christmas presents for each other, drank a lot of wine, and watched a few episodes of Entourage. We also stayed up until almost 2:00AM talking about various things that have happened over the last six months. That's pretty much been the status quo for the weekend...lots of talking and catching up! I can't believe that the weekend is almost over and it's back to work tomorrow! It seems like we should have more time together!

My conference was great, by the way. I attended many valuable sessions and learned a lot. The highlight had to be Thursday night, though. First we went to a networking reception at the Canadian Embassy (which is right across the street from the US Capitol Building), where we got to meet the Premier of the province of Manitoba, Gary Doer. (That's their equivalent of a governor, in case you were wondering.) After the reception we went to dinner with a small group of people from the reception, including the Premier. It was a fascinating evening, as I sat close to the Premier and was able to pick his brain on many topics. He's a very intelligent and down-to-earth man, and even does a great impression of Jesse Ventura! I really enjoyed the evening and was glad that I had not gone back to the hotel to go to bed as I had originally planned!

Rob heads back to work tomorrow as well, but hopefully will have relatively short work days. Unfortunately he has duty next Saturday, and then I'm leaving for California on Sunday for another business trip, so not as much 'together' time as I would hope for! However, we're taking a 10-day vacation to Hungary and Poland starting on Feb. 14, so we have that to look forward to! :-)

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RJG said...

Hi. I just wanted to post a note and say it is so good to be home. I want to thank everyone that sent Christmas cards to me well I was gone. They were all very much appreciated. I want to say the biggest thank you of all to Rebecca. I am so greatful for all the work that she did on the blog keeping everyone informed on what was going on in our lives. I also cherish every email she sent and all the suport she gave. Thank you so much sweetheart! Love Rob