Sunday, January 13, 2008


I apologize that it took a little while to post again! Life just gets out of control sometimes. Anyway, it sounds like Rob made the best of his short trip to Rome. They started out in the morning with a tour of the Colosseum, which he said was completely amazing. When I was in Rome, I went into the Colosseum but didn't take a tour; now I wish I had! After the Colosseum they walked through the Forum, then went to the Trevi Fountain. They also stopped at the Pantheon before then going to the Vatican. I didn't go to the Vatican at all when I was there, but luckily Rob only saw a small part of it. Hopefully some day we'll go back together and see all of it! They had to be back to the train station by about 7:30 that evening for their 4 hour train ride back to La Spezia.

Rob had duty the next day, but he did get to spend a little bit of time in La Spezia on their last day in port. Sounds like he and Bo made quite the tour of all the coffee shops in the town (which apparently also double as wine shops!). He said they started off the day with espresso and cappuccino, and finished it with several glasses of wine! He loved the town, saying that it was very walkable and quaint with incredibly friendly people.

The Trevi Fountain. Rob tossed a coin in, which according to legend means that he will return to Rome again in the future. I couldn't get close enough to toss a coin when I was there, so hopefully Rob will take me with when he returns!!

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